Digital Transformation of Building Material

BIMDays: Digital Transformation of Building Material

Event Date: 31.01.2023

Event Time: 19:30 – 22:00

Participate Profile:  Sector Professionals

Event Language: Türkçe 

Event Capacity: 90 person

Event Location: Türkiye Design Council / Kuzguncuk

Event Fee: Free

Program Detail: In BIM-based projects where information-laden digital building materials are integrated, the energy processes of the projects can be tested with the technical data of the materials, environmental effects (sun, wind, precipitation, etc.) can be studied with simulations, and thus the necessary environment can be provided for the construction of sustainability and performance-oriented buildings. In addition, digital building materials play a critical role in the use, maintenance and repair processes covered by the life cycle of the building. It is possible to improve utilization processes with information such as maintenance methods and times, replacement times, supply and service details integrated into building components and materials. BIM processes integrated with building materials provide governments with a way to produce structures with maximum social, economic and ecological values with low budgets. 

Organized by BIM4TURKEY with the contributions of Design Foundation of Turkey, "BIMDays: Digital Transformation of Building Material" event organized by BIM4TURKEY with the contributions of Turkish Design Foundation. Within the scope of this event, we will discuss the digitalization of building material, its sustainability and its impact on the circular economy. 

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