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The construction industry is under pressure to provide value for money, sustainable design and construction, which has propelled the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which transforms the paradigm of the construction industry from 2D based drawing information systems to 3D object-based information systems. It changes the base documentation used in building design and construction to new representation which are machine readable for automation as opposed to human readable for manual conducts.Therefore, BIM adoption is becoming an increasingly important matter for the construction industry that has been facing barriers and challenges to increase productivity, efficiency, quality and for sustainable development.

On the other hand, there are challenges in implementing BIM in the UK construction practice such as;

·       Overcoming the resistance to change, and getting people to understand the potential and the value of BIM over 2D drafting

·       Adapting existing workflows to lean oriented processes

·       Training people in BIM, or finding employees who understand BIM

·       The understanding of the required high-end hardware resources and networking facilities to run BIM applications and tools efficiently

·       The required collaboration, integration and interoperability between the structural and the MEP designers/engineers

·     Clear understanding of the responsibilities of different stakeholders in the new process by construction lawyers and insurers

Hence, implementing BIM effectively requires significant changes in the way construction business works at almost every level within a building process. This means that BIM implementation not only requires learning new software applications, but also requires learning how to reinvent the workflow, how to train staff and assign responsibilities, and the way of modelling the construction. 

Since most firms are grappling with the same fundamental issues of change in the construction sector, BIM4TURKEY Design and Construction Group has an objective of providing clear set of guidelines outlining effective strategies and methodologies of implementing BIM at the organizational level.

Therefore, the Design and Construction Group will introduce best practice studies and projects for the design and construction companies and highlights the implications on the company workflows and lean efficiency gains from BIM use.