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Government and Private Sector Engagement Committee

The BIM Government and Private Sector Engagement group sees that Government, as the biggest client of the construction industry, has a critical role to play in the BIM adoption across the design and construction projects and procurement activities. 

BIM adoption within Government agencies and private sector is still hardly existing. However, both government agencies and private sector companies are exploring opportunities to utilise BIM across their construction programmes. They are looking for:

·       Faster, more efficient and problem free design and construction processes

·       Extending their understanding about how BIM can be integrated into asset management systems at operation and use stage

·       Whole lifecycle approach and procurement philosophies for the construction sector

·       Better outcomes with cost and time savings

  ·       Collaborative stakeholder engagement and experience 

Hence, Government and Private Sector Engagement Group within BIM4TURKEY will initiate activities for

·       Raising awareness and promotion of BIM to Government agencies

·       Active participation and engagement with Government agencies implementing BIM on construction projects

·       Exploring further the role of asset management & soft landings

·    Addressing barriers and challenges, identifying strategies and roadmaps for BIM adoption and use in public and private companies involved in the construction industry.