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Technology and Training Committee

Building Information Modelling is not one single process enabled by single software but incorporates many cross-cutting processes that require many software solutions, each of which has different and specific functional abilities to perform specific work-related tasks within the cross-cutting cross organizational business processes.

BIM tools can be classified as: Preliminary Tools (Preliminary Space Planning Tools, Preliminary Massing and Sketching Tools, Preliminary Environmental Analysis Tools, Preliminary Cost Estimation Tools), BIM Design Tools, Structural Design Tools, BIM Construction Tools, Fabrication Tools, Environmental Analysis Tools, Construction Management Tools, Cost Estimation Tools, Specification Tools, Facility Management Tools and Mechanical Tools.

BIM4TURKEY Technology and Training group will be responsible the main topics of BIM methodology and the core technologies behind it. Further, BIM implementation processes, BIM goals and lean oriented efficiency gains via BIM use, deliverables and workflow demonstrations, real-life examples, analysis of BIM models, interoperability and standards such as IFC, and development of BIM processes and BIM execution plans on sample projects will be within the main remit of this group.

Use case of BIM Technologies and applying BIM in practice and common problems will be also within the scope of this group through the sample BIM projects around the Globe such as hospitals, hotels, sport complexes, museum, commercial and residential complexes, metros, etc.